Awesome Stuff We Did When Nobody Was Looking by Dinosaur Burps


Track listing:

1) Ahhh Shit (Grab the Pen)
2) Death Metal in a Minivan
3) Frontier Medicine
4) Dungeon Map
5) Space Bollocks (Feat. T.M.F.S.E.)
6) The Ballad of Megalodon Juan
7) Eat My Hat
8) Doom Lurker
9) Nap in the Face of Danger
10) Jack Knife in the Jello (Feat. Joey Smooth)
11) Orange You is Peachy (Kroosh Dogg Mix) (Feat. Teddy Faley)
12) Spice Melange (Feat. Illogic & T.M.F.S.E.)
13) Basura Blanca
14) T*****s Rule (Feat. Joey Smooth)